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Christmas – New Year Greetings Cards contest

Dear photo friends

Working as Liaison officer in last 4 years I found the communication among the people responsible for FIAP affairs on all levels and countries is limited to communication mainly on necessary exchanging of information. I believe it is due to our fast, too fast life style. But, it is interesting we are all happy when we meet every two years at FIAP congresses. Maybe those are also the events we don’t need to hurry we can even somehow stop the rushing time.

I was thinking how to make our every day e-communication warmer. The New Year holidays we celebrated recently is probably a good opportunity to do something. My idea was, stop routine sending good wishes in accordance to our e-mail address list. I’ll try to stop the people for a second, and gently push them to think what a material they have and what is out of it appropriate to use for sending of good wishes and what is better for such a contest. This is also somehow a little replacement of our dissatisfaction because we, due to our engagement with FIAP affairs have not so much time as we wish to spend for preparing material for real salons.

When I initiated the “Christmas – New Year Card contest” I didn’t had in mind a real competition I want to bring people working on FIAP affairs more close together so I called this event call it as a FIAP family meeting. At this FIAP family meeting, participated 37 photo friends – authors from 28 countries. I am happy with this result.

The judgement was done, as I said in entry condition, by my colleague from the Janez Puhar Photo Society Kranj, by Mr. Niko Sladic. When I was preparing images for judgement – coding images and hiding the name of author expressing best wishes, I was thinking what a hard job I assigned to my friend. But it is truth, it would be even much harder for me. I personally know more than half of participants at this meeting. And with majority of the others we established also a very good communication during the period of collecting the cards – images. I can’t judge the works of my friends. In each card I saw something positive, something that reminds me on my childhood, something nice or simply good work.

So Niko selected tree best works, and some other they fit according to his opinion in the collection presenting our perception of what the New Year card should consist of.


The first three:


Walter Turcato – Italy

 Anatol Tolokachev – Belarus

Kari Tolonen – Finland


And there were also images for which it was not necessary to write additional information saying it is a New Year card:


Igor Peshekhonov– Belarus

Wolfgang Wiesen – Germany

Dorota Kycia – Poland


Jacky Martin – France

Romain Nero – Luxembourg



Willy Suys – Luxembourg

Ioannis Lykoruris – Greece


And there were also images expressing a lot of optimism and humour which is always welcome especially at New Year card:


Leena Maija Lindqvist – Finland

Freddy Van Gilbergen – Belgium

Dave Coates – United Kingdom


Robert Fulton – United Kingdom

Albano Sgarbi – San Marino

Marcello Materassi – Italy


Sayed Javaid A Kazi – Pakistan

Balasi Csaba – Romania



And there were images they were good and they are remarkable authors work:




Joan Burgues Martisella – Andorra

Jacques Denis – Belgium

Basil Titov – Belarus



Petr Janchvski – Belarus

Cvetan Gavrovski – Macedonia

Lorenzo De Fracesco – Italy



Riina Karvonen – Finland

Nikos Karanakis – Cyprus



Steeve Philip Du Bois – Mauritius

Jan Jansen – Netherlands



Branislav Brkic – Republic of Serbia

Teodor Pantea– Romania

Sergey Majorov – Russian Federation



Goh Kim Hui – Singapore

Silvo Slapar – Slovenia

Alex Kharvat – Ukraine



Sergey Buslenko – Ukraine

Yurij Titovots – Ukraine

Mohamed Ali Salim – United States



So dear friends of photography, thanks again for contributing this FIAP family meeting. Maybe we can do something similar next year. If somebody else wishes to take over I will support him and will not be jealous.


Once again I wish you a lot of health, luck and success in this year 2012 in line with mine Christmas – New Year card.



Vasja Doberlet


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