Resluts of the salon Love for Difference 2019



Results of salon Handicap 2017

Additional awards for authors with special needs don’t count for FIAP distinctions.

Authors and their works printed in blue participated also in second part of competition dedicated to the persons with special needs. Some of them achieved extraordinary results.

FIAP Blue badge for best author received Manu Barreiro Rodriguez from Spain for 5 acceptances and FIAP silver medal for photographs DESDE ARRIBA, ELLOS SON LO IMPORTANTE, LONELINESS, PAYANT, LONELY COFEE

The opening ceremony will be on Friday 1st December in National Assembly of the republic of Slovenia, Šubičeva 4, Ljubljana. The projection of all accepted works will be on Dec. 5th in Kristalna palača (Christal Palace) in BTC Ljubljana, Šmartinska 152