Opening ceremony

Dear photographers, in honor of the 70th – Anniversary of CIRIUS Kamnik we are inviting you to


on Friday, 1st of December at 9 am in National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, Šubiceva ulica 4, Ljubljana.

Together with Photo Society Janez Puhar Kranj we organized a photographic contest with 182 authors from 35 countries. We would like to connect di­erent people from all over the world and to unite them for a short time in the photographic thinking about diversity, about the circumstances of people who are di­erent in each community, about the relationship to otherness, its adoption or rejection, and about the richness provided by the very uniqueness and diversity of the people.

The participants will be received in audience by the president of National assembly dr. Milan Brglez.

Director CIRIUS Kamnik

Goran Pavlič